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Warden Armor Add-on

With this addon, a Guardian Mob Armor is added, which adds better armor that lasts longer and a sword that does similar damage to the Guardian. This is a concept if armor like this was added to the game and because the Warden and the new caves weren't added yet in the latest beta builds, an alternate option to get it was added.

Credits :

Creator of the Addon: ArathNido


Complete description:

To make Warden armor and Warden sword you need to use this recipe:



Added a cow sculk that allows you to give yourself a guardian skin and the guardian horn, there is little chance that these cows will drop, cow meat and their guardian. skin, if you use the scissors they will drop the guardian horn but after that they will turn into a normal cow.


The armor fully protects like diamond or netherite armor, only it lasts longer and has knockback resistance.

The sword does 31 damage, lasts longer, and can be enchanted.


Spider Sculk:
The add-on also adds Spider Sculk, so these mobs will drop Spider Eye, Guardian Skin, and there is a small chance they will drop Guardian Horn. You will be able to make a Sculk Apple using this recipe (one apple, six Sculk spider eyes and two guardian horns:


Sculk's apple will give you level 6 regeneration effect, resistance, fire resistance and absorption for 6 seconds.

Spider sculk will only appear in a few jungle biomes.


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