ADD-ONS: Survival
Golf Cart Add-on

With this addon you add golf carts to Minecraft, there are a variety of colors to choose from and you can drive them. For now there are 9 different colors.

Arath's jet ski add-on

With this add-on add jet skis to your Minecraft Survival that will allow you to travel fast on the water without using a boat or also for racing.

HoverCraft add-on

With this add-on, add to your Minecraft a new vehicle that allows you to drive on water and on land called a hovercraft, you can do it in survival mode and it has several styles.

Arath's Motorcycles add-on


With this plugin add a variety of motorcycles, they will improve the game experience, they are faster than any animal in the game, you can make them in survival and they have several different styles.

Ghost Rider Addon

With this add-on add the motorcyclist from the Marvel universe known as Ghost Rider, in this add-on you can become Ghost Rider, you will get character weapons and add new vehicles related to the character.