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With this add-on you can improve your Minecraft survival world by adding new worlds to explore inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog video game, they will also add enemies, new items and it will allow you to be a Sonic character with their abilities.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer


Copyright: Sonic the hedgehog and his entire universe is the property of SEGA. SEGA allows fans to create Sonic-inspired content such as Game Fanmades, Videos, etc.

This add-on is completely FREE, its sale is prohibited (to avoid problems with SEGA or Mojang), it is also not allowed to distribute it to other websites that are not or, it is not allowed to upload or publish this add-on in apps from the playstore or appstore. If you are a youtuber or content creator you can use the add-on without any problem, if you want to share the add-on to your followers share the official link in this case it is or

This add-on is NOT an official version or associated with Mojang or SEGA, all models, textures, animations and codes are created by ArathNido.

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Description  Complete:

Green Hill Zone (Biome):

The add-on added a new biome that will be randomly generated to your Minecraft world, because you cannot add custom biomes it will replace the grassland biome, it will not affect other biomes such as forests, jungles, savannas, flower biomes, etc.

The new biome is inspired by Green Hill Zone where the grass and soil will change, new structures, enemies, objects, new animals and palm trees will be generated.


With the palm tree trunks you can use them to create new wooden building blocks, crafting table, sticks and tools.


In Grenn Hill rings are generated in which when you get close to them they will be added to your inventory, also platforms will be generated that will allow you to make very high jumps and the box of super rings can give you between 10 to 20 rings.

Vanilla The Rabbit & Cream The Rabbit (NPC):

They will be generated in the Green Hill Zone biome and you will be able to interact with them to exchange special items for rings and diamonds. Vanilla will sell you decorative objects and other items, Cream will sell you armaments and skins of Sonic characters.

BuckG (1).png

Skins will only be obtained from Cream by exchanging with rings and diamonds. Each character will have skills and many advantages, all characters will have the ability to sprint very fast, make super jumps and no fall damage.



To use a skin you can equip it in the head/helmet slot.


Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow will have the ability to make Spin that allows you to go super fast while you activate it produces damage to any entity that you approach, when you are attached to a wall and you're in the air you can climb very fast, if you disable the spin will lose its ability.


To activate the Spin/Fly mode you must press the crouch button. 


Chaos Emeralds:

world-animals-addon_7 (1).png

Each emerald has a function according to its respective color, you can only get 3 chaos emeralds in the overworld and the master emerald in the End. All emeralds have only 32 uses and when they are spent they will become an emerald without energy.

Each emerald contains an ability or perk:

  • Green Emerald: Summon Minecraft Vanilla animals randomly.

  • Blue Emerald: Will grant you night vision for 10 minutes.

  • Red Emerald: It will give you extra life for 10 minutes.

  • Purple Emerald: Good potion effects for 10 minutes.

  • Yellow Emerald: Changes the time of day.

  • White Emerald: Gives you 16 Chili Dogs.

  • Cyan Emerald: It will grant you invisibility and slow fall for 10 minutes.

When you get the 7 emeralds you can also use them to become Super Sonic or Super Shadow by placing the 7 emeralds and the Sonic or Shadow skin on the workbench. Using the Super skin will give you infinite good potion effects, the power to fly, run faster than any other character. When you stop using the skin you will lose its powers.





The chao are creatures that will appear in the Green Hill Zone, they can fly and can be tamed with apples.





  • Health: 650

  • Damage: 16

  • Movement: 0.35

  • Ability: Spin (8 Area Damage and 1.0 Movement)

  • Loot: Blue chaos emerald.

Drill Eggman:


  • Health: 500

  • Movement: 0.25

  • Area Damage: 12

  • Loot: Gray Chaos Emerald and Eggman's Drill.


Drill Eggman:

With the eggman drill you can use it as a vehicle and it will also help you speed up the mining time, it will destroy any nearby blocks and drop its item. If the vehicle is destroyed it will drop its item to put it back.


Cubot & Orbot:

They will appear in the world, they will be passive and you can interact with them to sell you items.



The kocos will appear in flower biomes, they can be tamed using the rings, they will protect the player from any enemy, you can ask them to follow you or not and you can change their style (plant) by crouching and giving the interact button (Right click on Windows 10).



This is a vehicle that can transform into different forms, it will transform into an airplane, walking mode or car, for cyclone to transform you must have in your hand the cyclone transformation that will be obtained by exchanging it with cream.

  • Interact button / Right click: It will transform into airplane or walk mode depending on its transformation.

  • Interact button / Right click + crouch button: It will transform into a car, to make it a plane again use the interaction button (right click).


You will be able to use the cyclone's missiles while you are mounted, for that you will need the item of the missiles that you get by trading with Cream. Its explosion power is 2.


Boomerang Sticks:

The Sticks boomerang can be obtained from Cream, you can throw it, it will cause 7 damage to the enemies that hit it and the boomerang will return to the player himself.

world-animals-addon_2 (1).png


You can get the Excalibur Sonic skin and the Excalibur sword using these recipes:


The sword will have a damage of 120 and while you use the skin of Excalibur Sonic you will have the same abilities and characteristics of Super Sonic.


Death Egg Robot:

To generate the Death Egg Robot it will be required to obtain a goal plate that is achieved by the green hill zone biome and using the master emerald you interact with it to summon it.


Characteristics de Death Egg Robot:

  • Health: 12000

  • Area Damage: 12

  • Attack Damage: 10

  • Every 32 seconds it will summon robotnik drones.

  • Every minute it will start firing missiles.

world-animals-addon_9 (1).png

When the robot is defeated, an animation will play that will cause an explosion and summon a capsule where it has stored animals and will grant you items such as master emeralds, rings, diamonds, netherite, iron, gold and emeralds.

thumb-1920-1173570 (1).png

If you interact with a goal sign using a ring, the Dr. Eggman logo will be changed to Sonic's face and a musical theme will be played.


Download Sonic Land Add-on:

Download Better together add-on:

With this addon it will allow you to be able to use all add-ons that change player behavior at the same time in your minecraft world, there are addons that collide with each other that cause player damage, player animations not loading or not all the functionalities of the addons work correctly, with this add-on it fixes everything.


Tails, Silver and Cream will have the ability to fly and float.

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