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With this add-on you can become the Marvel superhero "Moon Knight", implement costumes related to the character, enemies and new objects that you can get in survival mode.



Description  Complete:

New structures will be generated in the world of Minecraft, these pyramids can be found in the desert biomes, within them you will find the statue of Khonshu, destroying the statue will invoke Khonshu in which he will grant you the Moon Knight suits and weapons in exchange for gold.


Putting on a Moon Knight suit will give you effects such as resistance, strength, jump and speed, if you wear a mask it will give you night vision.

The elytras will change their design while wearing the Moon Knight outfit.


Crescent Darts
Crescent darts can be used as a melee weapon or thrown at enemies.


Arthur Harrow:
He will appear in desert biomes, he will attack by shooting magic, he will summon jackal and attack melee, when you defeat him he will release his vows in which serves as a melee weapon and shoot magic, to shoot use the interact button.


It will appear in desert biomes and you can interact with it to trade.


Download (.MCPACK):

Download Better together add-on:

With this addon it will allow you to be able to use all add-ons that change player behavior at the same time in your minecraft world, there are addons that collide with each other that cause player damage, player animations not loading or not all the functionalities of the addons work correctly, with this add-on it fixes everything.

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