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With this add-on you can explore the world of Super Mario inside your Minecraft world, you can interact with the characters that inhabit the game, fight against koopas, get powers like Mario does and use his Power UPS.

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Complete GUIDE:

Your Minecraft world will add a new biome that will replace the grasslands with the world of Super Mario, in which you will find a lot of new structures, new enemies and creatures that you can interact with.



You will be able to meet Toads that will allow you to exchange with Coins for Power UPS, blocks and objects. Each Toad of different styles will sell you different categories: Outfits/Skins, Power Ups, Blocks, Pipes and Vehicles.


Suits and Skins:

A toad can sell you Mario and Luigi suits or skins for coins, when using a suit or skin they will give you the powers of Mario and Luigi such as increasing the jump, you will produce sounds like in the classic Mario games.

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Power UPS:

The power ups can be obtained by hitting a block of ? that you will find anywhere in the world or exchanging coins with a Toad. To use the power up, it will be placed in the leg slot except for the red mushroom and the star. Using a Mario or Luigi suit or skin will change your style. The power ups will have a durability of 50, when receiving damage the power up will be destroyed.


When you hit a lucky block there is a possibility that it can give you a power up, to pick it up you must approach the power up and it will be stored in your inventory.


Characteristics of the Power Ups:

Flower of fire:

You will have the ability to launch fireballs, for that when you have the power up in the leg slot you will have an item with a fireball icon, to launch a fireball use the fireball in your main hand and press the interact button. The fireball will burn mobs on impact.


Ice flower:

You will have the ability to throw ice balls, for that when you have the power up in the leg slot you will have an item with an ice ball icon, to throw an ice ball use the ice ball in your main hand and press the interact button. The ice ball will freeze mobs for 10 seconds granting maximum slow and weakness.

Super sheet:

The super blade will give you the ability to float while falling, when you start running and jumping you can produce a boost to fly for a short time, by using the crouch button you can hit entities and blocks of? en area.


Penguin Suit:

With the penguin suit you will have the ability to throw ice balls like the ice flower and it will also give you breath under water.


The champicoptero will have the ability to boost yourself up and float while falling, to boost up press the crouch button, you can only boost once when you touch the ground you will boost again.


Bee Mushroom:

The Bee Mushroom will give you a bee suit that will allow you to fly and float, to fly hold the crouch button.


Red mushroom:

It is not placed in the leg slot, to use the red mushroom you must interact with the object while you have the mushroom in your main hand, it will grant you instant healing.


It is not placed in the leg slot, to use the star you must interact with the object while you have the star in your main hand, you will have immortality for 10 seconds and you can eliminate enemies en area.



It is not placed in the leg slot, to use the star you must interact with the object while you have the Mega Mushroom in your main hand, it will increase your size which will give you immortality for 25 seconds, produce damage and destroy blocks in the area.


Video DEMO:


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Enemies will spawn randomly in your Minecraft world, mostly appearing in the Super Mario biome and deserts. Bowser will appear in the nether.

List of enemies:

  • Koopa

  • goombas

  • bob omb

  • Piranha Plant

  • Pokey

  • Lakitu

  • spiny


  • Big Goomba

  • Bowser



Yoshi will appear in Mario's biome and in the jungle biomes, he can be tamed with apples, by having yoshi tamed you can ride on him and control him. Yoshi can make big jumps and you can ask him to follow you or to sit down.


In the desert, brick blocks, some enemies and lucky blocks will be generated.



It is only used for decoration at the moment, they can be obtained from your minecraft world or trade with a toad, they will also sell you a plumber's key that will be used to change the position of the pipe, there are 5 pipe colors.

My Video.gif


It can be obtained by exchanging with a toad, you can ride them and some can fly.

Koopa clown car


Lakitu Cloud


Download (Nest-of-addons):


Download (Nest-of-addons):


Download (Link vertise):


With this addon it will allow you to be able to use all add-ons that change player behavior at the same time in your minecraft world, there are addons that collide with each other that cause player damage, player animations not loading or not all the functionalities of the addons work correctly, with this add-on it fixes everything.


Download Better together add-on:

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