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Lots of heart Add-on

With this complement you can add new objects to the game, in this case add some hearts that allow the player's health to regenerate, there are also hearts that can increase the health level.

Credits :

Creator of the Addon: ArathNido


Complete description:

 To get the red hearts we can get them by killing Zombies, Drowned, Husk and Pigman.


Yellow Hearts are earned by killing the Withered Boss.

There are four other hearts of different colors that we can get by creating these recipes:

We can eat them to regenerate our health:

Red heart:

Regeneration IV: 2 seconds.
Orange heart:

Regeneration IV: 15 seconds.
Yellow Heart:

Regeneration V: 30 seconds.
Green heart:

Regeneration V: 60 seconds.
Blue Heart:

Regeneration V: 120 seconds.
Instant healing.


Change there is the heart of wither with which consuming it will give you the effect of wither II for 15 seconds, we can get them by killing wither skeleton.











You can use it to create wither roses:

You can increase the health bar with other hearts that you can make with these recipes, you can consume a heart and depending on the heart will increase the level of health permanently but the effect is eliminated only if you consume milk or die.

Red heart:

Will increase to 20 hearts.
Orange heart:

Will increase to 30 hearts.
Yellow heart:

Will increase to 40 hearts.
Green heart:

Will increase to 50 hearts.
Blue heart:

Will increase to 60 hearts.




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