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I am Groot! With this add-on you can get Groot in your Minecraft world as your own protective pet, you can get items that improve Groot's skills, includes content related to the Guardians of the Galaxy to enhance the game experience.



Complete description:

Rocket will appear in the world of Minecraft in which you can interact with him to obtain the Groot seed, you will need the orb of the power stone that is obtained in the end dimension.




Rocket will have his own Groot that will protect him from any enemies that attack him.

Rocket trades:


Groot Pot:

When you have the Groot seed you can use it to make the Groot pot, place the Groot pot on the ground and use the bone powder so that Groot can be born.


Groot will start dancing if you place a record player nearby.



If you give it more bone powder, Groot will evolve into Baby Groot.

Baby Groot:


Baby Groot will not be tamable, nor will it attack. Use the bone dust to further evolve Groot.

Teenage Groot:


Teenage Groot will not listen to you only if you give him a video game console, to get the video game console you must interact with Rocket for 10 gold bars.


Groot will protect you from enemies with the ability of branches and blows, you can ask him to follow you or stop following you. If you keep interacting with bone dust, Groot will begin to evolve into its adult form.

Adult Groot:

When Groot is in his adult form, interact with a bone powder so that he can follow you and protect you  from the enemies using his blasters. You can ask them to follow you or stop following you.


General characteristics:

Baby Groot:

  • Health: 25

  • Does not attack

Adolescent Groot:

  • Health:

    • Normal: 25

    • Tamed:250

  • Damage: 5

  • Summons: Wooden Spikes.

  • It feeds on seeds to restore health.

Adult Groot:

  • Health:

    • Normal: 50

    • Tamed:400

  • Blaster Damage: 14

  • It feeds on seeds to restore health.

Starlord outfit:

To obtain the Star Lord outfit you must interact with Rocket in which he will sell you the outfit and his blasters.


When using the Star Lord outfit you will have the ability to float and fly with the thrusters, to use the thrusters press the crouch button while jumping or in the air.


When using the elytras you will have infinite flight.


Power STONE:

If you have the power stone in your main hand, it will give you strength in which you will kill the Ender Dragon, Wither or any enemy with one blow. Will particles around you, it will grant you blindness, poison and wither poison while you have the gem in hand.



Download I am Groot Add-ons:

Download Better together add-on:

With this addon it will allow you to be able to use all add-ons that change player behavior at the same time in your minecraft world, there are addons that collide with each other that cause player damage, player animations not loading or not all the functionalities of the addons work correctly, with this add-on it fixes everything.

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