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With this add-on adds the motorcyclist of the Marvel universe known as Ghost Rider, in this add-on you can become Ghost Rider, you will get weapons of the character and add new vehicles related to the character.



Description  Complete:

To get the powers and appearance of Ghost Rider you will need to find Carter Slade, you can find him in the nether and he will sell you Ghost Rider's powers and weapons.

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When you get the Ghost Rider head, put it in the head slot, you will become Ghost Rider and it will give you effects like stamina, fire resistance, regeneration, speed, strength, and haste.


If you need ammunition for the shotgun, place 5 cartridges in the second hand, when you have the magazine at 0 you hold down the crouch button and the shoot button.

Fire Horse:
You can find them in the nether, you can equip them with a mount so you can ride on it, when you walk it will scatter fire particles (It doesn't hurt if you are close).



Motorcycles can be used as a vehicle, so far there are only two different ones and you can make them using these recipes:

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ghost rider1.JPG
ghost rider.JPG
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The bike goes faster if you ride on water.

Download (.MCPACK):

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