Furniture and Decorations Add-on

With this add-on add new furniture and decorations to your Minecraft, it works to decorate your house, all the furniture are blocks with 3D models and can be manufactured in survival mode.


Description  Complete:

This add-on adds furniture and decorations and only works if you have version 1.16.100 or 1.16.200 of Minecraft, you can get them in survival mode by doing this block:


When you have created the block place it in a stone cutter and there you can make the furniture you want.


Download Add-on (Linkvertise):

Block Geometry Fixed (For minecraft BE +1.18.12 ):

bugs xd.png

This patch (Resource Pack) will be required to be added to your Minecraft world for the models to load correctly. This is only for users who have 1.18.12 onwards if you have a previous version you will not be required to install the patch.
Thanks to @DarkGatoMC for sharing the file