ADD-ONS: Survival
Left 4 Craft 2

This add-on adds a new variety of zombies which will increase the level of difficulty in survival mode, new weapons were also added to defend yourself from zombies, items and shelters. This is an improved version of the Left 4 Craft Add-on.

Farlanders Bedrock


With this add-on we will add to our Minecraft new types of endermans, we will add aggressive endermans that can drop new objects and harmless endermans that can sell us new weapons and objects, it is ideal to play in survival mode, all the mobs will be generated in our world of Minecraft. This Add-on is in beta so new things will be opened in future updates.

World Animals

With this addon we add a variety of new animals that will appear in our Minecraft worlds, most of the animals are aggressive, others can be tamed to defend against mobs and some animals can be ridden.

Left 4 Craft: ww2 Weapons Edition

In this addon, add a variety of zombies and new weapons inspired by the 1930's era or specific WW2, for which the zombies will appear in the world, new structures will be generated and you will be able to make your weapons.


With this addon you can add a new ore to your Minecraft, so when you click on it you will be able to drop a random ore from those that already exist in Minecraft, these ores will be generated in your new or already created Minecraft world.

Lots of heart Add-on

With this add-on you can add new objects to the game, in this case add some hearts that allow you to regenerate the player's health, there are also hearts that can increase the level of health.