More Moo Add-on


With this addon add a variety of new cows to your Minecraft world, they are similar to the mooshroom only instead of mushrooms they are flowers, crops and include the Mooloom.

Released on: 03/11/2020

Ghost Rider Addon

With this add-on add the motorcyclist from the Marvel universe known as Ghost Rider, in this add-on you can become Ghost Rider, you will get character weapons and add new vehicles related to the character.

Released on: 06/02/2022

Arath's Motorcycles Add-on

With this plugin add a variety of motorcycles, they will improve the game experience they are faster than any animal in the game, you can make them in survival and there will be several different styles.

Released on: 06/02/2022

Hat Add-on


With this add-on add to your Minecraft a wide variety of hats to dress your character, you can put it on as if it were a helmet and all hats can be manufactured in survival.

Released on: 10/17/2020


With this addon you can add a new ore to your Minecraft, so when you click on it you will be able to drop a random ore from those that already exist in Minecraft, these ores will be generated in your new or already created Minecraft world.

Released on: 11/11/2020

Lots of heart Add-on

With this complement you can add new objects to the game, in this case add some hearts that allow the player's health to regenerate, there are also hearts that can increase the health level.

Released on: 06/12/2020


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Michigun! add-on


With this add-on implements new shooting weapons only these have a model and a cat texture so you can use it to shoot enemies or to play pvp shooter with cats!

Released on: 03/15/2022

Spider-Man: INto the craftingverse

With this add-on add content related to the Spider-Man universe of comics, movies, video games and series, you can get suits, weapons, tools and get SpiderMan's superpowers, you can also meet SpiderMan villains.

Released on: 02/12/2022

Left 4 Craft 2

This add-on adds a new variety of zombies which will increase the level of difficulty in survival mode, new weapons were also added to defend yourself from zombies, items and shelters. This is an improved version of the Left 4 Craft Add-on.

Released on: 03/24/2022